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Tanking Systems

At Johnson Ellis ltd. We have the tanking system solution for you.

Not all cellar areas require a full drainage system , for waterproofing the space, sometimes a tanking system will suffice .

There are 3 main situations which can arise in buildings, which may require using a tanking system.

  • The breakdown of existing masonry.
  • The outside water table has risen .
  • A change of use of an existing basement.

It is important to choose the correct tanking system, our surveyors will advise.

There are a number of options for completing a tanking system.

  1. Mastic asphalt gives an effective waterproofing solution for walls , but must be applied to clean and dry surfaces and it will require physical support.
  2. Bitumen sheeting gives the advantage of dry - lining and waterproofing at the same time, an adequate tanking solution depending on end use.
  3. Cementitious coatings both as a slurry and a render coat. When hydrostatic pressure is expected, cement based render systems are the most successful, as a permanent solution.

It is vital whatever solution is selected , that, the resulting dry space has structural integrity as well as dry conditions. Our skilled surveyors can ensure that the correct option is chosen.

Cementitious coatings as tanking systems will give effective waterproofing of space.

For a satisfactory tanking system , in all cases, surface preparation is critical , even the best tanking systems will not perform properly if not applied correctly. Cracks and crevices need to be sealed to give a waterproofed area and a correct tanking system.

In cases where water ingress is moderate and the cellar area is to used for storage rather than frequent habitation we would recommend the use of a cementitious coating as the appropriate tanking system.

Properly applied to chemical suppliers recommendations, this tanking system will last for years, giving a dry area and valuable extra space for that additional storage that homes always seem to need.

Where water ingress is significant or hydrostatic pressure is likely to be high we recommend the use of a drained cavity system ( see our section on cellar conversion ) This will give a truly dry solution, suitable for daily habitation.

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