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Damp Proofing In St Albans

Damp Proofing in St Albans

Many clients are aware they have a problem, but are not sure if it's damp related.

Johnson Ellis Ltd, damp proofing in St Albans, can help.

Surveyors at Johnson Elllis Ltd. are experienced in all aspects of construction as well as damp proofing,

if you don't have a problem they will tell you.

If dampness is present they will discuss your options with you, and help you find the best solution.

Many years of experience will also allow our surveyors to give you an approximate price on the day.

Johnson Ellis Ltd.damp proofing in St. Albans, will follow up with a detailed report, normally no more than 48 hours after our visit , which will give you exact details of proposed works, as well as a detailed cost.

Free estimates provided contact Johnson Eliis Ltd. today.

So first some background on Damp proofing
It is reckoned that we spend an average of 90% of our life indoors. Moisture is an important factor in the quality of any indoor space, for example there is evidence of a link between damp housing and respiratory problems in children.

So conditions need to be right
Incorrect moisture levels can reduce comfort, and increase stress as well as influencing the occupant's health. Johnson Ellis Ltd., Damproofing in Hemel Hempstead can assist with solutions.

There are 3 main sources of dampness:-

  • rising damp ( from outdoors via air and ground )
  • penetrating damp ( from contact with wet materials )
  • condensation ( from indoor activities and conditions )

Damp in Hemel Hempstead and Damp proofing in St.Albans

All of these are likely to create damage to a building, resulting, at best, in defects in the decorations and at worst wet and dry rot thus weakening structural timbers.

Before initiating any remedial work it is essential to assess

  1. is dampness present ?
  2. is the building suitable for a particular treatment ?
  3. is the building being modified and will that affect any treatment.?

A Johnson Ellis Ltd survey will take into account all of the factors and we will only suggest remedial works if you need them.

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