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one more satisfied customer

this customer wanted us to turn a wet cellar , literally running with water - up to several inches in a storm- , into a dry space useable as a work room. 

After 4 re visits this customer was eventually satisfied that the tanking works we did on his wet cellar have given him a dry space for his workshop and hobbies room . to Quote " I am sure that I was not the easiest customer , but many thanks to johnson ellis ; after a very wet early part of 2021 , I have a dry cellar, for my DIY and hobbies room ". 

Fact was that the wet weather had slowed down the drying of the plaster which took several weeks to fully go off. However we make our reputation on our caring attitude , and visited several times to offer re assurance that the plaster would dry out . A lesson worth remembering , our motto is 'large enough to cope and small enough to care ' .

Service is everything.


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